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New combo USB drive packs Type-C connector, is just an inch long

While the technology has been waiting in the wings for some time, the recent announcement that Apple’s new MacBook will be built around USB Type-C has prompted more interest than ever in the next generation of device connectivity. Now, a new thumb drive by Emtec looks set to bridge between the future of USB with its present.

The Emtec DUO USB-C is just one inch long, but manages to pack in connectors for both the Type-A ports that are commonly used at present as well as the Type-C ports that are set to be adopted over the coming years. A neat sliding mechanism allows users to switch between the two configurations at will.

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It will likely take some time for the industry as a whole to move to Type-C, but this sort of multifunctional device will certainly help make the transition more seamless for users. With than in mind, it’s set to be available soon so as to ride the wave — Emtec plans to start shipping the product in Q2 2015.

The drawback to this functionality being packed into such a small device comes in the form of its other specs. It’s not very quick to read or write, and capacity caps out at a paltry 32 GB. That being said, if you’re going to be transitioning back and forth between computers with Type-A and Type-C ports, this sort of drive is going to be indispensable over the next few years.

The biggest question is whether Emtec can compete with a similar drive recently announced by Sandisk.