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How Intel’s Skylake processor will dramatically improve your next PC

Every generation of Intel processors brings slightly increased speeds, but Skylake changes the pattern by improving power efficiency and adding relevant features across the platform.


The Predator 17 laptop proves Acer is deadly serious about gaming

Acer isn’t a name that gamers have taken seriously in the past, but the company is looking to change that with its new Predator 17, a powerful and attractive beast that puts the strongest competitors in its sights.


Hands on: This fantastic Toshiba laptop may cost you dearly

The new Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 leads the resolution race with its 4K display, and backs it up with excellent build quality. But vague pricing suggests you’ll have to pay dearly for the privilege of owning it.


Want an external hard drive cased in wood, leather or carbon fiber? Brinell can do that

External hard drives and USB flash drives are everywhere, and most are built to serve their purpose as cheaply as possible. Brinell, however, is turning these common devices into a fashion accessory.


Google's OnHub makes your home Wi-Fi awesome, no IT degree needed

Google’s first foray into networking brings big features, high-end hardware, and a new app. Can it compete with other routers in its tax bracket?

  • Pros: Excellent feature set , Setup couldn’t be easier…
  • Cons: One Ethernet port , Limited administration options

Logitech’s new Bluetooth keyboard can quickly switch between up to three devices

Logitech is aiming to help creatives work anywhere with the introduction of the new K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and M535 Bluetooth Mouse. The keyboard will work with multiple devices for ease of access.


Toshiba’s latest SSDs serve a pleasing blend of performance and price

Toshiba's new Q300 and Q300 Pro range of SSDs might be designed with different customers in mind, but they both offer solid performance with well-rounded features. The question is, do they stand out from the crowd?


Steam Big Picture update encourages you to try, before you buy more

One of the biggest first-world issues faced by gamers today, is that we have too much to play. That's why Valve has made a change in its new Big Picture update, to encourage people to play some of the games they already own, instead of buying more.


Microsoft announces plans for WebM support in Edge browser

In response to overwhelming demand in user feedback, Microsoft has announced that support for the increasingly popular WebM file format in its Edge browser has entered active development.


Asus shows off nearly a dozen new 100-Series motherboards

With a new generation of Intel CPUs just a short while away, motherboard makers are responding in kind by announcing all of their supporting hardware. Asus has followed suit with 10 new motherboards of its own, all packing new and exciting features.


Asus’ new gaming laptop has an alien parasite attached

The latest concept computer from Asus packs liquid cooling into its slim and powerful G752 chassis, but it requires sacrifices most gamers won’t be willing to make.

  • Pros: Interesting design , Based off the excellent G752
  • Cons: Liquid cooling dock is massive , Functionality away from…

Still dealing with the fallout, Sony reaches settlement in ‘Interview’ hacking lawsuit

Ten months on from the devastating hack on Sony Pictures' servers and the movie studio is still dealing with the fallout, this week settling a lawsuit brought by former employees caught up in the security breach.


Lenovo pits business against pleasure in new IFA 2015 hardware lineup

Lenovo didn't become one of the world's leading hardware sellers by offering just a handful of products, which is why its line up of ThinkPad hardware at IFA 2015 is so comprehensive, offering a combination of tablets, enterprise desktops and even an…


Asus’ all-new Republic of Gamers G752 laptop is a portable gaming powerhouse

Asus has taken its Republic of Gamers line in a new direction with the G752, which ditches the company’s traditional black-and-red colors for a more unique approach. Will it prove a worthy addition to this popular line of gaming hardware?


Students and teachers will love these new Google Docs and Classroom features

In anticipation of the upcoming school year, Google has updated Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Classroom with new features that will make everyone more productive.


Cortana shows up in four other countries as Microsoft continues rollout

Microsoft made ample use of Windows Insiders leading up to the launch of Windows 10 and it's hoping to do so again as it continues to develop Cortana. To that end, it's made the assistant software available to Insiders in four more countries.


Comcast is charging people $30 fees to avoid capped data

If you pay for an unlimited package, it would be insulting to be asked to pay more just to remain using the same one, but that's what Comcast is demanding of some customers who want to avoid a new 300GB cap on its data.


MSI brings Skylake to its line of high-end gaming laptops

MSI's line of high-end gaming laptops are getting, well, even higher-end, as the company is adding Skylake processors to five of its models.


Steam gamers flock to Windows 10

Have you moved over to Windows 10 yet? If you're a Steam gamer there's a good chance you have, as it's now the third most popular operating system on the entire Steam platform with more than 13 percent growth in one month.


Need to squeeze a few more frames out of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain? Here’s how

Taking to the open world of Phantom Pain? Nvidia's guide will help you get the best performance out of your system, whatever your system's specs are.


Acer’s Jade Primo transforms into a pocket PC with Windows 10 Continuum

Acer launched a new Windows 10 smartphone at IFA in Berlin called the Jade Primo that can turn into a PC with the Windows 10 Continuum feature. The release date is unknown at the moment.


Asus brings a watercooled laptop, quirky router, $120 stick PCs to IFA 2015

A brand new stick PC and updated gaming offerings, including a water-cooled laptop, headline the raft of products Asus is showing off at the 2015 edition of consumer electronics expo IFA.


Acer goes all in on Skylake with latest expansion to computing line

Acer's expanded computing line only adds to its currently varied portfolio. The R11 Chromebook, R13 Convertible Notebook, Aspire V Nitro, and Revo Build series all demonstrate Acer's attempts at achieving a more personalized computing experience