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The best barebone PCs to get your build started

For experienced PC builders or newcommers alike, a barebone PC kit can save time and money thanks to a pre-selected case and motherboard. Here are five picks that range from tiny to super-powerful.


If you’re waiting for Windows 10, watch out for this email scam

Scammers will try and do anything to get their malware onto your machine — including offering you a free upgrade to Windows 10. Here's how to spot the troublesome email and avoid it.


New video outlines IBM’s plan to switch from Windows to Mac

Jeff Smith, IBM's Chief Information Officer, has outlined a goal to switch up to 75 percent of IBM employees from Lenovo systems running Windows to Apple's MacBook.


Customers flood the FCC with thousands of Net neutrality complaints

Internet users are demanding that the Federal Communications Commission crack down on Internet service providers to enforce the new Net neutrality law. Many want to end data caps and overage charges.


Windows 10 is better than Windows 7, and you should upgrade now

Microsoft's Windows 7 was well-loved, and many fans have stuck with it despite Microsoft's efforts to sway their opinion. Now that Windows 10 is available, though, the time has come to stop being stubborn and embrace progress.


Keys to the kingdom: The most useful Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 has many new features, and they come flanked with useful new keyboard shortcuts. Check out some of the newest and most useful keyboard shortcuts that Microsoft's latest OS has to offer.


A used computer could save you money — Here’s how to buy the right one

Buying a used computer is a great way to save money. But there are a lot of risks that go along with dipping into the used pool. Here's how to buy a great used PC without getting shafted.


Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney thinks augmented reality will trump virtual reality

While virtual reality is capturing the imaginations of gamers and developers the world over, augmented reality is the technology that Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney sees as the most forward-thinking.


How to reset Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface

If you're running Windows 10 on your Microsoft Surface, and the device is running poorly, it may be time for drastic measures. We've mapped out how to reset the device to factory settings to get it running like new.


AMD's A10-7870K is the only chip a budget gaming PC needs

Intel’s processors are extremely quick, but they still pack lackluster integrated graphics. AMD’s A10-7870K quad-core tries to exploit that weakness with a capable, built-in…

  • Pros: Affordable , Easy to overclock , Easily beats Intel HD…
  • Cons: Lackluster computer performance , GPU isn’t quick enough…

Mozilla CEO claims Windows 10 browser defaults override user choice

Mozilla CEO Chris Beard isn't happy about Windows 10 -- not the OS itself, but rather the way Microsoft is making its new Edge browser the default choice, even on upgraded systems where Firefox or Chrome was previously the default.


14 million people downloaded Windows 10 on its first day, and it could have been higher

Windows 10 is out, and it has launched in a big way. In addition to broadly positive consumer and critical response, Microsoft has enjoyed 14 million upgrades in the first 24 hours.


Exaflop supercomputer project begins, thanks to executive order from President Obama

President Obama has signed an executive order that lays the groundwork for the world's first exaflop supercomputer. If the project is successful, it will result in a system 20 times more powerful than any current supercomputer.


Microsoft offering free 90-day trial of Windows 10 to entice reluctant converts

If there's one thing we've seen with previous versions of Windows, it's that businesses are the most reluctant to upgrade to the new version. To help entice them, Microsoft is offering free 90-day trials for the Enterprise Edition of Windows 10.


Toshiba proves it’s ready for Windows 10 with a selection of new PCs

Toshiba is showing that its ready for Windows 10 by expanding their tablet line to include 10.1-inch devices, as well as revamping the Tecra A50 laptop.


These are the best ways to print-to-PDF in Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7

Printing to PDF in Windows can be a hassle if you don't have the right software. We run you through how to convert files to PDF in Windows 7,8, and 10 with or without Adobe Acrobat.


8 problems with Windows 10, and how to fix them

Microsoft’s latest Windows release has been hailed as a return to form, but software is never perfect. We’ve gathered together common Windows 10 problems here and we offer workarounds or potential solutions.


Windows 10 didn’t break the Internet, but it could have

Many users are frustrated that they're still waiting to update the Microsoft's latest OS, but the staggered rollout may have saved everyone a lot of grief.


MSI to update Windbox III lineup with new Broadwell hardware

Although chances are you have never heard of MSI's Windbox system, that may not be the case in the future, as its new lineup features more powerful Broadwell CPUs.


This is how OneDrive works in Windows 10

In Windows 10, OneDrive is turning into a central sync and storage hub across apps, devices, and platforms. Cortana lets you search and open files stored on OneDrive, and with remote access, you can open files stored on another computer via the OneDrive web…


Gigabyte debuts new BRIX hardware in growing micro-PC market

The micro-PC market is quickly heating up, with the likes of Intel and others adding their own NUCs and miniature systems to the table. Gigabyte is looking to stay relevant in that space with a brand new lineup of BRIX hardware.


Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak call for autonomous weapon ban

While the idea of robotic assassins might be fun for sci-fi action flicks, it isn't a joke to the brightest minds of our time. Together, they've signed a letter asking countries around the world to ban the development of autonomous weapons systems.


Dropbox app receives update alongside Windows 10 launch

Dropbox developer Rudy Huyn has shared details of a new update to the Dropbox app, which attempts to modernize its UI to match the styling of the newly released Windows 10.


Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus to feature a visitor’s center, observation deck, and more

Apple's under-construction "spaceship" campus is set to include a visitor's center featuring a store, cafe, and observation deck from where fans of the company will be able to gaze adoringly at the new donut-shaped headquarters.


Zuck says VR is Facebook’s next big thing as company reports healthy Q2 figures

Before Facebook gets into telepathy, Mark Zuckerberg says trends suggest virtual reality will soon become a major part of his social networking service. The CEO was speaking following the release of Q2 figures that beat expectations.

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Hackers can take over nuclear power plants thanks to Industrial Ethernet Switches

According to new research, Industrial Ethernet Switches, which are responsible for maintaining the internal networks of today's factories, refineries, ports, and other industrial organizations, are vulnerable to hackers and cyberattacks.


Want some Internet in your Windows 10 Start Menu? Here’s how to pin your favorite websites

Would you like to pin website bookmarks to the Start Menu or Task Bar in Windows 10, in order to use browser links like apps? It's not as easy as it should be, especially if you want to use Chrome or Firefox, but we'll tell you how.


Harebrained Schemes bringing Battletech to Kickstarter later this year

Hairbrained Schemes, the developer best known for Shadowrun Returns, has announced that it's once again bringing its next project to Kickstarter. BattleTech, a game of turn-based strategy, is based on the classic military fiction franchise of the same name.


Windows 10 may be free, but its version of Solitaire isn’t free of ads

Longtime PC staple Solitaire returns in Windows 10, but longtime fans might be surprised to see some more modern pricing practices applied to the classic office time-waster.


Halo on the PC? Here's how to do it, with Game Streaming in Windows 10

Want to play Xbox One games while someone else is hogging the TV? Now you can, if you have a Windows 10 PC. Here's how to set up and optimize Game Streaming.