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Cortana shows up in four other countries as Microsoft continues rollout

Microsoft made ample use of Windows Insiders leading up to the launch of Windows 10 and it's hoping to do so again as it continues to develop Cortana. To that end, it's made the assistant software available to Insiders in four more countries.


Comcast is charging people $30 fees to avoid capped data

If you pay for an unlimited package, it would be insulting to be asked to pay more just to remain using the same one, but that's what Comcast is demanding of some customers who want to avoid a new 300GB cap on its data.


MSI brings Skylake to its line of high-end gaming laptops

MSI's line of high-end gaming laptops are getting, well, even higher-end, as the company is adding Skylake processors to five of its models.


Steam gamers flock to Windows 10

Have you moved over to Windows 10 yet? If you're a Steam gamer there's a good chance you have, as it's now the third most popular operating system on the entire Steam platform with more than 13 percent growth in one month.


Need to squeeze a few more frames out of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain? Here’s how

Taking to the open world of Phantom Pain? Nvidia's guide will help you get the best performance out of your system, whatever your system's specs are.


Acer’s Jade Primo transforms into a pocket PC with Windows 10 Continuum

Acer launched a new Windows 10 smartphone at IFA in Berlin called the Jade Primo that can turn into a PC with the Windows 10 Continuum feature. The release date is unknown at the moment.


Asus brings a watercooled laptop, quirky router, $120 stick PCs to IFA 2015

A brand new stick PC and updated gaming offerings, including a water-cooled laptop, headline the raft of products Asus is showing off at the 2015 edition of consumer electronics expo IFA.


Acer goes all in on Skylake with latest expansion to computing line

Acer's expanded computing line only adds to its currently varied portfolio. The R11 Chromebook, R13 Convertible Notebook, Aspire V Nitro, and Revo Build series all demonstrate Acer's attempts at achieving a more personalized computing experience


Toshiba mashes 4K into a 12.5-inch screen with the Satellite Radius 12

At this week's IFA electronics show in Berlin, Toshiba revealed its new 12.5-inch Satellite Radius 12 convertible laptop with 4K display and improved battery life.


Intel’s massive 6th-gen Core line-up debuts at IFA 2015

Hot on the heels of the Core i7-6700K and i5-6600K, Intel has announced a massive lineup of 6th-gen "Skylake" processors at IFA 2015. They span mobile and desktop, from extremely powerful quad-cores to power-sipping Core M chips.


Can’t wait for the Surface Hub? MondoPad 2.0 is available now

Last month, we reported that Microsoft delayed its 55-inch conference room-focused Surface Hub tablet until January of next year. Now InFocus seems to be delivering some early competition with its Mondopad 2.0.


Small changes could yield huge energy savings for gaming PCs, study says

A new Berkeley Lab study claims that gamers can half their electricity bill by opting for greener components. The researchers are calling for higher standards in energy use labeling in PC products.


Google’s logo grows up by slimming down, shaking off serifs

To go along with the new branding, Google's new logo loses the serifs and smooths out the colors for a look that feels right at home in the new Android UI. It's the sixth iteration of the search giant's logo since the 1990s.


Seagate crams 2TB of storage into a drive as slim as an iPhone 6

As much as SSDs are excellent for performance, they are still more expensive at high capacities than hard drives, which is why Seagate is continuing to drive advances in the technology, most recently with a new 2.5" form factor, 7mm drive; the densest HDD…


HP’s Instant Ink knows when your printer is out before you do, sends you new ones

HP offers a convenience that automatically sends out replacement ink cartridges when your printer is running low. The company is highlighting its Instant Ink subscription-based program with new Envy and OfficeJet models.


IS MSI’s new GTX 980 Ti more than lightning in a bottle?

MSI has taken an already powerful card, the GTX 980 Ti, and turned it into a GPU fit for Odin himself. The Lightning designated graphics card has boosted clock speeds, better overclocking features and a powerful new cooler.


Western Digital makes big changes to My Cloud OS and My Cloud Mirror

The Cloud is here to stay, and Western Digital's goal of giving everyone their own personal Cloud is taking another step with updates to its My Cloud OS and My Cloud Mirror, enabling automatic syncing and improved mobile connectivity.


All about LTE-U and how it might affect your Wi-Fi signals

Verizon and T-Mobile hope to soon begin testing new LTE connectivity using the same spectrum that powers Wi-Fi connectivity, spurring concerns about its effects on home Internet usage


Konami is playing it fast and loose with the Metal Gear Solid V release for PC users

The hype surrounding Phantom Pain is reaching a head, but PC users may run into some issues as they download and install the game, especially if they're hoping to use the DVD.


Apple working on AR? Why else hire a Microsoft Hololens engineer?

Microsoft might have its Hololens headset in the works, but Apple may have a competitor product. While it's all speculation at the moment, putting more wood on that fire is an ex-Hololens engineer, who's recently moved to Apple.


No longer just free of subscription, Guild Wars 2 client now free to download

While Guild Wars 2 always lacked a subscription, players had to pay a one-time fee for the game client. Not anymore, though. The base game is now free, so users can jump in, download the client, and play without spending a dime.


AMD's Radeon R7 370 packs a budget punch, but Nvidia's GTX 950 steals its glory

The AMD Radeon R7 370 is a budget-friendly gaming card, but can it keep up with the stiff competition in its price range?

  • Pros: Respectable 1080p performance , Low price point , Slightly…
  • Cons: Not power efficient , Lacks some AMD driver features , GTX…

As tech’s biggest names descend on Berlin for IFA 2015, here’s what we’ll see

IFA, the biggest tech show in Europe is about to kickoff in Berlin, Germany. Here's everything we expect to see at the show from Samsung, Sony, LG, Asus, Microsoft, Intel, and more. TVs, phones, wearables, and the smartphone will power the show.


U.S. said to be considering sanctions against China over cyberthefts

The Obama administration is reportedly considering economic sanctions against Chinese companies and individuals that it believes have benefitted from cyberthefts. The unprecedented action could be announced in the coming weeks, the Washington Post said.


Infinite mailboxes: How to add accounts to Windows 10 Mail

Upgrading from one operating system to another isn't always easy. Here's how to quickly add your personal or work email account to the Windows Mail app, whether you prefer Outlook, Gmail, or another service entirely.


Stories you missed this week: Wiz Khalifa ‘hoverboard’ arrest, the next Hummer

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you. We've got news of Apple's iPhone 6S September 9 event and more.


Wanna store half a terabyte of photos? You can with this MicroSD card … ‘technically’

The Microdia Xtra Elite MicroSD card features a staggering 512GB of storage and an even more shocking $1,000 price tag. That's a lot of money, but this card is the largest of its kind to date. Now the question is, when will we see it?