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Acer announces new eco-friendly S series LCD monitors

Acer S235HL

There are new LED-backlit LCD monitors in town to fit a variety of budget sizes. Acer announced Tuesday five new models of the S series ultra-slim displays, available in 20, 23, and 27-inches of screen sizes with a whopping 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio to provide the most vivid and color-accurate graphics.

The most impressive of the lot is the Acer S235HL, a 23-inch widescreen LCD that recently won the 2012 product design award from the International Forum Design in Hannover, Germany. The buttons are placed on the monitor stand to add maximum viewing space on the screen, as well as external ports located on the base to help eliminate cable clutter. With the asymmetrical design that is typical of the form-meets-function model, it’s no wonder the monitor earned its design award last month.

The S236HL also displays in full high definition at 1920 x 1080 resolution and 16:9 ratio in just a half-inch thickness of the entire screen profile, with one VGA and two HDMI input ports. The monitor will set you back $219 when it releases in April.

Other 23-inch S series monitor options include the S230HL Abd and S230HL Abii, both of which are capable of displaying digital multimedia in 1080p HD and 16:9 widescreen ratio. The former model costs $169 and has two video inputs, one VGA and one DVI, while the latter model is $20 more expensive with two HDMI inputs instead of the DVI. Both are available through online retailers now.

For the lowest costing monitor in the new S series models, the S200HL offers 20 inches of screen display in 1600 x 900 resolution and VGA and DVI inputs for gaming purposes at $139. On the other end of the pricing spectrum, the most expensive of the bunch is the S271HL, a 27-inch monitor that offers the same specs as the S235HL (minus, of course, the larger screen size) for $329. If size is not a primary concern, five inches is not much to lose to save yourself about a hundred bucks. We imagine the pixels will also probably look cleaner in 23 inches of display than the stretched out 27-inch, since both models contain the same resolution values.

Phew, now it’s time to take a second to breathe. We know we just threw a lot of numbers and specifications at you, so if there’s anything you can take away from the article, it’s this: these new Acer monitors are great for leisurely uses and contemporary design to fit in small spaces. The MSRPs are relatively fair and affordable, making it a nice gift for college students or for use as a secondary monitor in a study room or professional office.

Lastly, the Acer S series monitors are eco-friendly because they are made of mercury-free materials and utilize LED technology to save power, so you can feel good about making a small investment to a greener technology-infused home.