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Asus M70 Offers 1 TB Storage, Blu-ray

Asus has announced a new high-end notebook computer for folks who can’t get enough high-definition video: the new Asus M70. The notebook features a 17-inch 1,920 by 1,200-pixel WUXGA display, up to 1 TB in storage (spread across two 500 GB drives), a Blu-ray drive for high-definition video playback, and integrated Altec Lansing speakers and support for Dolby Home Theater.

According to Asus, the M70’s features a new AI Light technology that automatically adjusts the brightness of the integrated display to adjust for ambient lighting. The computer also also offers HDMI output for pushing high-definition content to bigger screens, and uses an ATI HD 3650 graphics controller to manage high-definition output.

Unfortunately, Asus has offered little additional information on the machine, including pricing, availability, and technical specifications like processor, memory, expansion options, and other capabilities. But Asus is pitching this system at folks who want the “ultimate” high-definition entertainment experience in a notebook, not folks who want to know every last detail of a notebook’s capabilities.