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ATI Adds New PCI-Express GPU’s To Line-up

Addressing the needs of thin and light notebook PCs, Mobility Radeon X300 delivers the perfect blend of DirectX 9 performance and power management for consumer and commercial notebooks. At the other end of the spectrum, Mobility Radeon X800 is a 12 pixel pipeline mobile gaming powerhouse designed for today’s most visually intensive DirectX 9 games and applications.

“The market for mobile gaming platforms continues to grow rapidly, with users now able to enjoy the same level of 3D performance as high end desktop PCs,” said Robert Lusk, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Alienware. “By offering mobile systems based on Mobility Radeon we can offer a best-in-class mobile gaming experience with a highly scalable architecture to push DirectX 9 gaming performance to levels never thought possible.”

“Mobility Radeon X800 represents a giant leap in where the future of upgradeable notebook technology is going,” said Mark Bialic, President, Eurocom Corporation. “Eurocom Corporation is always first to offer its clients the most powerful solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding users in the world. Mobility Radeon will help our company continue this tradition and serve the needs of gamers and high end desktop replacement enthusiasts everywhere.”

Designed for mainstream thin and light users, Mobility Radeon offers a wide range of features including:

– Four pixel pipeline DirectX 9 performance

– POWERPLAY 5.0 with new PCI Express based power management capabilities

– LRTC and LCD-EE for improved video quality on notebook panels

– Automatic Display Configuration technology for automated display setup

– HyperMemory for increased system performance with smaller amounts of memory

– A range of integrated memory options for thin and light designs

Targeting the gaming enthusiast segment, Mobility Radeon X800 delivers increased visual performance with such capabilities as:

– 12 pixel pipeline DirectX 9 performance

– Six vertex engines

– 3Dc technology for increased performance and improved image detail

– GDDR3 memory for lightning fast memory speeds

– VIDEOSHADER HD with programmable video performance

– 256-bit memory interface for support of 256MB mobile designs

From December 2004 onwards, Mobility Radeon X800 will be available from such industry leading notebook designers as Alienware, Eurocom, Rock and Velocity Micro, with additional designs to be announced over the coming months. Mobility Radeon X300 will also be featured in many upcoming next generation mainstream OEM designs.