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ATI Launches ALL-IN-WONDER Encode

MPEG2 encoding is absolutely central to the function of a Media Center PC and has previously been accomplished using dedicated hardware on an add-in card, because software based decoding was believedto be too slow. However, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) can now get the same or better performance from ATI’s ALL-IN-WONDER Encode software. This saves them about $50 per PC, reducescomplexity and frees up a PCI slot.

ALL-IN-WONDER Encode is currently available with ATI’s highly acclaimed ALL-IN-WONDER® range of combined graphics and TV in/out boards. The combination is the ideal solution for Media Center PCs because an OEM using ALL-IN-WONDER Encode and an ALL-IN-WONDER board saves the PCI slot by including all the TV in/out functionality with industry-leading graphics on a single AGP card.