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Making an animated GIF is easier than you think with these apps

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Best GIF making apps

GIF Toaster


If you’ve already got a video — or a collection of photos — that you’d like to turn into a GIF, GIF Toaster can help. This free app lets you turn existing content on your phone into sharable GIFs, all in just a few taps.

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Giphy Cam

If you want to record a video of yourself to make into a GIF, all from the comfort of your iPhone, check out Giphy Cam. This app from Giphy lets you quickly create a recording, add a caption or effects, and upload the result to the infamous search engine. Giphy doesn’t make a version of its app for Android users, though there are other options out there.

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If you want to record yourself, add a few filters, and send a GIF to a friend, GifBoom is what you’re looking for. Sure, you’ll find a lot of nonsense — and a few NSFW posts — in the “popular” section of the app, but if you want to create a GIF with your camera and quickly share it with the web, GifBoom is well worth checking out.

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If GifBoom’s cluttered interface leaves you wanting something cleaner, check out GIF Me. This material designed Android application lets you quickly record a GIF and share it with anyone. You can also import videos taken earlier, or put some photos together to make a slideshow GIF. Results can be shared easily, making this a great all-around tool for creating GIFs on your phone.

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