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Best apps to make animated GIFs

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Mobile applications

GifBoom (iOS/Android) – Free

gifboom-icon-12m2mng (1)GifBoom is the Instagram of mobile, GIF-making apps. It’s bursting with filters and sharing options for any social media account you’re ready to pull out of the woodwork. The app requires a free account to utilize, which can be set up in a matter of seconds, and totes a wealth of utilities quickly accessible via the five-panel navigational bar resting at the foot of the app. If you manage to navigate the barrage of pot-smoking teenagers featured on the homepage feed, all you have to do is upload photos from your camera roll or click the bright-red camera icon at the bottom to begin recording up to 30 frames a second. Once recorded, the app will present a variety of tools for adding filters, frames, and text as well as rotating, cropping, and adjusting the desired speed of your GIF.

Furthermore, users can manually record audio or select a track in addition to options for adding location and sharing the GIF on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SMS, or email. Once created, you can publish photos to your feed, allowing users to comment and like your GIF in Instagram-like fashion from directly within the app. GifBoom’s interface even features a striking resemblance to Instagram – which is not a bad thing – with five buttons running along the foot of the page and an inviting profile page that showcases the number of GIFs you’ve published, your follower count, and your number of subscribers.

The app is swift, well-designed, and touts the kind of feature set we only wish was offered on the Web. Look no further if you’re looking to use a quality GIF maker with a feature set that rivals some of the most robust image-editing software available on mobile devices.


Giffer Pro (iOS) – $4

icon_75It’s always tough to convince people to spend a little cash when there are great free alternatives like Cinemagram and GifBoom available. However, Giffer is worth the investment if you’re one who enjoys having full reign over an unparalleled number of features and settings. Without delving too deep into the exhaustive laundry list of utilities, the app includes options for creating a variety of GIF types (i.e. cinemagraphs, endless looping GIFs, jitter GIFs), capture modes, and a slew of editing options for tweaking various settings. Although frames can be captured using the app and built-in camera functionality, they also can be imported and cataloged in different folders within the app. However, taking photos within the app offers the kind of options for burst-mode and self-timed stills not available using your device’s default camera tools.

Giffer is fairly attractive too. The dark interface is clean and engaging, underlined by several buttons located at the bottom of the app, and it’s streamlined enough to make navigation intuitive and easy despite the sheer amount of GIFs the app is capable of rendering. Additional options for duplicating and trimming frames are also available, as well as the ability to copy and paste photos from Safari and similar apps. The pro version of the software also bolsters sharing features beyond similarly equipped apps, offering solutions for posting GIFs across multiple Twitter and Tumblr accounts simultaneously in addition to basic sharing via text, SMS, and email.

Giffer Pro does cost a pretty penny as far as apps go, but what it lacks in affordability it makes up in industriousness. The feature set is unparalleled for the price and offers a resourceful method for storing every and all GIFs you create or find online.


Cinemagram (iOS/Android) – Free

Cinemagram-big-icon_372 copyFactyle’s Cinemagram is the Frankenstein of GIF creators, an app specifically designed to seamlessly splice together both photo and video in what Cinemagram’s refers to as a “cine.” The app posses many of the same features that have become mainstays in the most popular GIF creators – a versatile hodgepodge of “artsy” filters, looping adjustments and options for speeding up and slowing down footage – but it’s the beautifully designed masking function that makes the program shine. The utility allows users to mask specific portions within a captured frame so that only designated elements of the image remain animated after editing. For instance, you can easily freeze an entire captured frame except for a car barreling by or a tree branch gently swaying in the wind. It sounds complex, but the bundled tutorial will hold your hand through the entire first-time process.

Like GifBoom, Cinemagram features an uncanny resemblance to Instagram at times (hell, the name says it all), but there is some slight variation within the software’s latest build. Users can access one of five navigational panels running along the bottom of the app, providing access to the friend-curated image feed or trending topics such as “selfies” and “firstcine,” and the orange video-capture button lies centered at the bottom akin to most apps designed to be used with the your smartphone’s built-in camera. The design is standard, yet convenient, and performs quickly despite the slow nature of earlier incarnations of the app. Once edited, cines can be tagged, located, and shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr in addition to standard email.

Cinemagram may be a bit of a novelty, but it’s still one of the better mobile apps for making animated GIFs, albeit ones that can also be only partially animated. Plus, the homepage news feed isn’t completely bombarded with preteens smoking and sticking out their tongue.

CinemagramWhat do you think of our choices for the best apps to make animated GIFs? Are there any you like in particular? Let us know in the comments below.

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