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The best gaming mouse you can buy

Leave your opponents in awe of your skillz with the best gaming mice

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dt-best-of-150_gamingmousePicking the right gaming mouse can be tough. Do you go with the most expensive, ultra-high-performance mouse with RGB lighting, or should you opt for something a little more modest? After all, a gaming mouse will usually pull double duty as a general-purpose mouse over the course of its lifetime. We put together a list of the best gaming mice on the market to make your choice a little easier.

Our pick

Razer Mamba

Razer Mamba 2015

Why should you buy this: You want the quickest, most comfortable, best all-around gaming mouse on the market.

Who’s it for: Gamers looking for a long-term investment.

How much will it cost: Around $140

Why we picked the Razer Mamba:

Long, long ago, when the world was young and “Pentium” still meant something, Razer invented the idea of a mouse tailor-made for gaming. Today, after dozens of companies old and new have risen to Razer’s challenge, it still has the best mouse around. The Razer Mamba is a ridiculous, over-designed, over-powered, and overly expensive super-elite PC gaming mouse. And if you have the budget for it, it’s the best one you can buy.

Never mind that it’s wireless, a notable and still somewhat rare distinction for gaming mice – it’s far from the only one. Never mind the ridiculous 16,000 DPI laser sensor, which is so precise that you could use it to play Starcraft on a literal dime. Never mind the “Chroma” RGB lighting, which despite the insistence of Razer, is entirely for show. These add-ons are just that, and they’re secondary to what makes the Mamba stand out in its very crowded field.

The simple fact is that the Mamba’s shape is the most versatile, fastest, and just downright most comfortable for extended gaming sessions. Its oversized thumb buttons are just ok for RPGs, and lefties aren’t invited (not that the Mamba’s various competitors are any better for southpaws). But for long-term gaming with precision and accuracy, the shape of the Mamba can’t be beaten — and wireless capability does help its ergonomics. The mouse is also surprisingly light considering the battery and extra tech crammed inside.

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