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Twenty-five awesome laptop bags for everyone, from students to globetrotters

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Rugged and weatherproof

Chrome Industries Excursion laptop backpack ($160)

Most laptop bags designed to resist the elements market themselves as “water resistant”, which means they’ll protect your gear from rain, but aren’t entirely immune to water. Chrome’s new Excursion is among the rare few that’s fully waterproof. It can keep your contents dry in anything save full immersion, and even that should be okay for a short while. Other important features include cargo loops for bike U-locks and other gear, an internal organizer with padded laptop section, and construction that makes this bag much lighter than most similar bags.

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Incase Range Backpack ($100+)

Believe it or not, Incase does more than simply manufacturer iPhone cases on the cheap. The company offers an entire line of laptop-friendly backpacks, further highlighted by standout products such as the Range Backpack. It’s essentially a no-frills cycling pack, one outfitted with high-vis reflective details and padded shoulder straps for added comfort and ergonomic support. An adjustable sternum strap also comes standard for stability purposes, as does a padded compartment designed to cradle your notebook with a plush, fleece lining. The multiple organizer pockets — specifically the compartment used for housing your U-lock — make it even more suitable for the average bike commuter, especially when combined with the nylon construction.

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North St. Bags Route Nine Convertible ($239)

Portland’s North St. Bags is a small-time operation, but that hasn’t stopped it from building bags with big aspirations. Take the Route Nine Convertible, for example, a bag that’s just as poised to become your go-to pannier as it is a your single-strap pack. The intuitive design lets you convert the bag in seconds, letting you make use of the waterproof drop liner and external pockets in either configuration. A slew of optional accessories — such as matching ankle stripes and interior sleeves — provide even more functionality, while a modular pocket system offers ample storage and organization, so you can stash any equipment inside that doesn’t fit in the side sleeve pockets. Now, if only the Route Nine wasn’t exclusively available in steel-grey!

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Mission Workshop R6 Arkiv Field Pack ($235)

The Mission Workshop R6 Arkiv is built around a modular rail system that lets you easily move storage components around, customizing the bag to your own liking. Buying the different pieces will cost you a little more, but for professionals who never stop moving and working, it might be the perfect system for getting exactly what you need out of your bag. Inside the hybrid roll-top/flap-down closure system, you’ll find a bag well-suited for a lot of stuff on its own, with a 15-inch laptop compartment to use for your computer or other documents. If two straps isn’t really your thing, you can also buy a separate strap to convert the Arkiv Field Pack into a sling bag.

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Mission Workshop

Filson Padded Computer Bag ($425)

The Filson Padded Computer Bag is proof that classic “originality” can go a long way when you outfit it with subtle touch of leather. The durable pack features a rugged twill that’s just as easy on the eyes as it is capable of repelling bad weather, and for those who seemingly bring their entire workspace with them on the go, the Original offers a massive interior compartment lined with dividers for laptop and accessory organization. Leather reinforcements and an adjustable shoulder strap round out the bag’s hallmarks, not to mention a zipper and storm flap closure designed to keep the contents in and weather out. It’s certainly not cheap given it retails for just under $400, but there’s much to be said for American-made aesthetics and premium build quality.

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