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Twenty-five awesome laptop bags for everyone, from students to globetrotters

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Business chic

Waterfield Designs Cargo Bag ($349)

Are you looking for the protection and professionalism of a briefcase, but the convenience and weather resistance of a messenger bag? Waterfield’s plainly-named Cargo Bag is a good option. Designed with genuine leather, the Cargo Bag provides waterproof zippers and a padded compartment, so it’ll handle a surprise rainshower. It also offers a segmented interior with lots of pockets. The protective laptop compartment fits thin 15-inch laptops, and all 13-inch laptops. Additionally, there’s a tablet pocket that can fit basically any tablet, or a 13-inch laptop. The Cargo Bag is a great choice if you want a large and versatile bag for everyday carry, but also need something that won’t clash with your suit.

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SF Bags

Jack Spade Slim Supply Brief ($388+)

It’s pricey, but if you can afford it, Jack Spade produces some of the finest bags and cases on the market, with high quality materials and sleek, professional design. The exterior of the bag is covered in tech grey textured nylon, for a lightweight, modern feel. Inside, you’ll find a padded tech pocket for your laptop or other computing necessities, and a spacious main compartment for your notebooks, reference materials, and whatever else you need to bring to the meeting. There’s also an outside pocket for storing anything you need to access quickly and easily.

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Hedgren Goal Tote Bag ($89)

It may be labeled as a general laptop tote bag, but this Canadian bag is definitely aimed toward the ladies. If you want to stay as stylish as possible but find that a laptop bag really doesn’t complement your professional look, this could be the hybrid pack that you’re looking for. In addition to the almost purse-like lines, it can hold a 14-inch laptop, a tablet, a variety of paper documents, your phone, and various pens/other office supplies. Also, like many things made in Canada, it’s water repellent for any unexpected rainstorms.

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Rickshaw Commuter 3.0 laptop messenger bag ($199)

Customization is key when it comes to Rickshaw’s standard commuter bag. The manufacturer provides more than 100 customizable appearance options, from the exterior material and color to the bindings and logo, adding a high level of personalization to suit whatever desire you might have. Regardless of the customization options, the waterproof bag features a 15-inch removable laptop sleeve, quick-adjust shoulder straps, and front and rear pockets for stashing your wallet, phone, journal, or anything else you might want to take with you. The pack can be as basic or out there as you want it to be given all the assorted design choices available at your fingertips, so don’t hesitate to fiddle around on the the website before making your purchase.

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Moshi Urbana Briefcase ($140)

Blending stylish design and comfortable fit, the Moshi Urbana is fit to carry a laptop of up to 15 inches, with a padded compartment that also has room for your tablet or smartphone. The strap has an adjustable cushion, and you can have it fitted just the way you like. With a wide variety of interior and exterior pockets, as well as a water-resistant outer coating, you’ll keep all of your valuables safe and dry, and won’t have to dig through a huge bag to find your charger. The Urbana is available in three colors that range from exciting and trendy to professional and subdued, for a look that matches you and what you get up to every day.

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MooseAndPine MacBook Pro Messenger Bag ($128)

Nothing says “artsy” quite like Etsy. Aside from the usual offerings of handmade beard beanies and vintage Danish lights, the up-and-coming craft site also boasts a number of laptop bags for those who truly want something that’s one of a kind, right down to the stitching and color wash. Each of Etsy store MooseandPine’s small, dark denim messenger bags features an off-white cotton canvas compartment suitable for 13-inch ultra books and other similarly sized laptops. Although two outer rivet-reinforced pockets provide just enough space for your cell phone or charger, the three additional inside pockets allow ample room for bulkier items, making the bag versatile whether you want to cram in a few classic novels or keep it light with no more than your laptop. While not all Etsy products are dependable, MooseandPine keeps reliable stock so this bag should be available – and occasionally on sale.

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