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Best SSD Hard Drives

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OCZ Vertex (30GB)

Street price: $120

One of the lowest-priced “brand name” solid stated drives on the market, the 30GB model of OCZ’s Vertex series is both highly regarded and extremely popular. Remember though, 30 gigabytes is not a lot of space, so you’ll either want to use this as a boot drive in a relatively simple system, as part of a RAID configuration, or in a mobile computer. For laptops or PCs.


OCZ Vertex (128GB)

Street price: $450

OCZ currently offers four models in its Vertex series (30GB, 60GB, 120GB, and 250GB). We bring the 120GB unit to your attention as well because it delivers good value, is a sensible size, and has won numerous industry awards. For laptops or PCs.

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