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Best SSD Hard Drives

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Patriot Torqx (128GB)

Street Price: $400

The reviews are in and the 128GB version of Patriot’s Torqx is one of the very fastest SSD hard drives ever made. The 10-year warranty doesn’t hurt either. For laptops or PCs.


Super Talent UltraDrive DX (256GB)

Street price: $650

One of the chief criticisms of early SSD technology was its apparent vulnerability to physical hacks. In its new UltraDrive DX line, Super Talent, partnering with Toshiba, aims to address this issue with a family of solid state drives that prioritize security. Note that this is a rather typical price point for 256GB SSDs (the 64GB version of this drive clocks in at a respectable $200). For laptops and PCs.

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