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The best wireless routers you can buy

Is your Wi-Fi screwing up again? Try one of our favorite wireless routers

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The best high performance router

LinkSys AC5400

Why you should buy it: You have a big house, or just really need 5.4Gbps Wi-Fi blasted in every direction.

Who it’s for: Families, small businesses, cattle ranchers, anyone who needs to blanket a large area with fast Wi-Fi.

How much will it cost: $350

Why we picked the Linksys EA9500:

Sometimes you need more than just a router. Sometimes you need the Wi-Fi equivalent of a neutron bomb, and that’s what the Linksys EA9500 offers. It looks more like a heavy-duty octocopter than it does a router. It blasts out 5.6Gbps of high-speed wireless connectivity, and on the backside it boasts nine Ethernet ports, and two USB ports.

This router is not cheap. Coming in at $350, it’s the most expensive router on this list. But it’s worth every penny if you need to have Wi-Fi in every corner of your house. It’s a little overkill for your average three-bedroom apartment or house, but if you’re trying to network your mansion, well, here’s your pick.

The Linksys also offers massive compatibility. It supports 802.11ac/n/g/a/b wireless connectivity, which ultimately means that if you have a Wi-Fi device, it can connect to this router without any issues or difficulties.

And it’s the only router on this list that can offer multi-band capabilities. You can essentially partition off your bandwidth, setting up two wireless networks under separate SSIDs (just like those coffee shops that have Guest and Private wireless networks). That means you can separate your gaming bandwidth from your streaming bandwidth, so you can be watching Netflix in one room, and playing Battlefield 1 in the other, without much impact on your up/down speed.

Despite its impressive technical chops, this router is not all that hard to set up. With Linksys’ Smart Wifi setup, getting this guy up and running is a breeze. But if you’re looking for something a little more plug-and-play, we have you covered.

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