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Build It: The Ultimate LAN Party Room

“Humans are social creatures, though it has been said that some people prefer the company of computers over personal interaction. That may be true in some cases, but the popularity of computer gaming has more to do with the fact that a PC can instantly provide an opponent who never sulks when beaten. Even when the computer is in a hopeless gaming situation, it won’t complain as you chase down and mercilessly slaughter every last unit. In the real world, where we control almost nothing about our environment, computer gaming allows us to play on our own terms.

As satisfying as it may be to match wits with an artificial intelligence, the innate urge for companionship usually leads us to try multiplayer gaming. Playing online allows us to share the computer gaming experience with others and discover that a good human player is much more crafty and unpredictable than programmable opponents. Online play is still missing something, however. It’s partly it’s due to the anonymous nature of the players, but even when you play online with people you know, that feeling of community and shared experience is missing.
It’s only after you’ve been to a LAN party that you realize just what a blast it is to be in the same room with your fellow gamers while you enjoy your favorite hobby. You’ll never want to miss an opportunity to get the gang together for the next gaming session, but the hassle of setting up the room for all the machines takes a lot of fun out of the event.

The answer, of course, is to have a dedicated LAN party room.”

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