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Buy a Flash Drive courtesy of Gateway

Ranging from 16MB to 256MB, these Gateway-branded USB flash drives are ideal for storing everything from business documents and presentations to personal files and photos.
Weighing just four ounces, the drive is so small it can be tucked into a purse or pocket, or even put on a key chain.  It’s also “plug and play,” so it works right out of the box without requiring additional hardware or software. And the form factor makes it more convenient and durable for travel than disk- based storage media like CDs and floppies.
“USB drives have become ubiquitous on PCs and projectors, and Gateway’s new flash drive puts them to good use by offering a flexible storage option,” said Steve Goldstein, general manager of Gateway’s Software and Peripherals Product Group.  “It’s a cool, compact and affordable way to store data, share photos or take presentations on a business trip.”
The Gateway USB flash drive measures just 2.76 x .75 x .39 inches.  It runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems, so customers can share files with others regardless of platform.  Offering various storage sizes from 16MB to 256MB, the largest flash drive can store dozens of PowerPoint presentations or a portable photo album with up to 250 images.  The Gateway USB flash drive comes with a 90-day limited warranty (1) and is available at Gateway stores nationwide today with prices starting at just $20.