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Cooler Master ATC-610

Cooler Master ATC-610

One of the problems associated with building a Home Theater PC, or HTPC, is finding a case to put it in. You can put the latest, most expensive high end components into your HTPC, but if you put it in a beige computer case, it’ll look bad next to your high end components. Recently though, companies have been making cases specifically for HTPC use. The latest offering is the ATC 610 by Cooler Master.

This MicroATX case is made of all aluminum alloy, and currently availible in stereo black, although the annodized silver model will be out soon. It weighs in at 15lbs, and it’s dimentions are 7″ * 14″ * 20″.

The front of the case looks like a big VCR, and that’s not far from the truth. There are two horizontal doors that swing down. The top one reveals 2 5.25″ Drive Bays, the bottom, one 3.5″ bay. 2 more 3.5″ bays are internal, for hard drives.

The case has ports built in, 2 USB and 1 Firewire. For cooling, a 60mm fan is mounted in the back, with room for a couple more. No power supply is included, but 300w and 400w models are availible.

The Cooler Master ATC 610 costs $205.00 and is availible now from Trendetronics.