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Corsair Debuts Uber Tough Flash Drives

Corsair Debuts Uber Tough Flash Drives

Corsair, a maker of computer accessories, today unveiled what they are calling the world’s toughest USB flash drive. The new Flash Survivor line, available now in 8GB and 4GB memory configurations, is priced at around $130 and $60 respectively.

The Corsair Flash Survivor drives are described by Corsair as being "water-resistant, CNC-milled aluminum encased, and shock-proof." The drives have a waterproof seal which offers water resistant up to 650 feet. They are crafted from aluminum found in aircraft part production, rubber molded collar shielding and an outer metal tube for triple protection. They also reportedly deliver read/write performance up to 34MB/sec and 28MB/sec respectively.

The Flash Survivor family of USB drives is also pre-loaded with a security application that allows users to create a hidden, password-protected partition on the drive. The password is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.

“Corsair has built the Flash Survivor family specifically for customers with a ‘Bring It On!’ attitude – for someone who doesn’t want to worry if his/her equipment can stand up to the active lifestyle they lead,” said Jack Peterson, VP of Marketing at Corsair, in a statement. “Storing your valuable information on a USB flash drive capable of weathering the storm of everyday life while ensuring your data is safe – that is what Flash Survivor is all about."