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Corsair gets all sensitive with its new M65 Pro RGB's 12k sensor

Feeling like it isn’t keeping up with the Logitechs and Razers of the world, Corsair has been upping the sensitivity of some of its gaming mice in recent months. It upgraded the Sabre a few weeks ago with a 10,000 DPI optical sensor and now the M65 is getting the same treatment. This one, though, is going up to a whopping 12,000 DPI.

Most who have used super-sensitive mice claim that you don’t really need anything beyond a few thousand DPI, even if you’re using multiple high-resolution monitors. Pro gamers even tend to use lower sensitivities as it yields better accuracy — but for those that like super fast movements at the twitch of a hand, the upgraded M65 Pro RGB might be just what they need.

The sensor is still optical, so don’t fret that Corsair has moved over to a laser design. The Pro still supports Corsair’s Utility Engine back-end software, which has received heaps of praise from critics all over the world.

It also features the same shell, made from what Corsair describes as “aircraft-grade aluminum,” which helps keep the weight down to just 115g as standard.

However, if you prefer something a bit heavier, the M65 Pro RGB also comes with the ability to adjust that. On the underside, hidden between the PTFE (unbranded Teflon) feet are a trio of metal pucks, which can be loaded in or taken out of the mouse, providing an adjustable 20.5g of additional weight if you want it.

You can even use it to change the centre of gravity if you sideload the mouse with them.

It also comes with eight programmable buttons and the ability to heavily customize their functions and lighting through the back-end system.

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB will go on sale in April, priced at $60.