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Cougar outs ultra-affordable ‘gaming’ keyboard sans clicky mechanical keys

This is sure to enrage a fair share of hardcore PC gamers, but Cougar’s latest peripheral aimed at them actually makes use of scissor switches. To say that’s not the most popular type of gaming keyboard would be a gross understatement, as mechanical, spring-based switch systems are abundantly favored for their far superior accuracy and durability.

Then again, mechanical keyboards, even in stripped-down configurations like the 600K, tend to cost a lot of money. Not to mention they’re generally quite noisy, and take up a great deal of precious office space.

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If you find yourselves miffed by those inconveniences, and still require some gaming-grade functionality and customization options, the Cougar 200K might be the answer to all your prayers. Its keys use rubber domes and interlocking plastic attachment instruments, so robustness is obviously a concern, as are endurance and travel.

On the bright side, the 200K tips the scales at 1.9 pounds, compared to 600K’s not-so-slender 2.4 lbs figure. The physical dimensions are considerably reduced as well, from 9.1 x 18.4 x 1.6 inches to 6.5 x 17.7 x 0.9. That leads to a cleaner, more minimalistic, almost harmless aesthetical vibe. A strong point or flaw? Guess it’s for you to judge.

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The extreme affordability of the Cougar 200K can’t be debated though, as Newegg sells the non-clicky keyboard for $30, four times less than the price of the 600K.

At the end of the day perhaps not targeted at hardcore gamers, the 200K shines with 19 super-accurate anti-ghosting keys, 7-color customizable backlighting, as well as backlight breathing effects and a non-slip rubber stand. Overall, it probably does plenty for 30 bucks, and it should be silent enough for some stealthy, casual gaming sessions with mom and dad next door, or the missus in the kitchen.