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Cyberlink Incorporates AC-3 Audio Rendering

SVRT II featuring AC-3 technology preserves the original audio quality, making it ideal for consumer electronic devices, such as DVD recorders. This latest development ensures that CyberLink’s video rendering technology supports a broader range of the audio formats, including AC-3, MPEG and LPCM.

“CyberLink is the world’s first software company to support Dolby AC-3 technology, making us an industry leader in video and audio editing software,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “Now even more users will be able to edit their videos quickly and easily through this audio support.”

SVRT II is a proprietary technology from CyberLink that separates audio and video portions of a movie clip and intelligently recognizes which parts have been modified by effects and transitions. The production time can be reduced because SVRT II will only render these altered portions, not the entire video.

SVRT II featuring support for AC-3 will be included in CyberLink PowerProducer 3 and PowerDirector software.