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Dell Gives Power Boost To Laptops

From Dell’s press release:

Available immediately, the Latitude D800, Inspiron 8600, and Dell Precision M60 mobile workstation can be configured with the fastest version of the new processor, the Intel Pentium M 755, featuring a 2.0GHz processor, 2MB Level 2 cache and 400MHz front side bus. A broad range of other Dell notebooks, including the Latitude D600, D505 and the Inspiron 600m, can be configured with a variety of the new processors, including the Pentium M 745, Pentium M 735 and the Celeron M 330. More details can be found at www.dell.com/mobileprocessor.

With the introduction of these processors, Intel is unveiling a new processor sequencing program that helps guide mobile customers to the technology that is right for their needs. The Pentium M processor (7XX sequence), with larger memory cache and faster bus speeds, focuses on mobility, performance and battery life, while the Celeron M processor (3XX sequence) is targeted toward those who need basic productivity and value.

“Businesses and individual consumers are choosing notebooks over desktop computer systems with increasing frequency. Notebooks allow users the flexibility to work outside traditional office environments on self-determined schedules, and can actually extend the typical work week by a couple of hours,” said Leslie Fiering, lead mobile analyst, Gartner, Inc. “Increased versatility and the potential productivity gains benefit both employees and their employers.”

According to a study by Gartner, The Positive Payback of Notebooks over Desktops , while notebooks can cost more to purchase and maintain than desktops, the premium quickly becomes an investment if the notebook enables the customer to extend their work week by as little as two hours.

About Latitude: 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

Dell is marking its 10th anniversary of Latitude notebooks this year. Since 1994, Dell has provided customized mobile solutions and shipped more than 13 million Latitude notebooks worldwide. Dell today is the worldwide leading supplier of notebooks for medium and large businesses. Dell’s reliable and stable notebook products offer long life cycles and cross-family compatibility, all of which contribute to simplified IT management and low total cost of ownership. Complete details can be found at www.dell.com/tco. Product details can be found at www.dell.com/latitude.

About Inspiron

Inspiron notebooks are targeted to customers who require high-performance computer systems at aggressive prices, along with industry-leading service and support. Typical customers are individuals or small-to-medium sized businesses that are looking for optimum performance for their investment. From e-mail access and productivity applications to graphic-intense, hard core gaming, the Inspiron lineup has a variety of models to fit customers’ needs. Complete product details can be found at www.dell.com/inspiron.

About Dell Precision

Dell Precision workstations are designed for customers who demand workstation hardware certification with independent software vendors in the computer-aided design, engineering, digital content creation, geographic information systems, computer animation, software development and financial analysis markets. Complete product details can be found at www.dell.com/precision.