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Dell intros OptiPlex GX270/ SX270 desktops

When purchased with Intel Pentium 4 processors with Hyper-Threading technology, OptiPlex 270 Series desktops enable virus scans and other background processes to run more efficiently with less disruption to users. The systems also offer an 800 MHz front-side bus for faster communication between the processor and other components, designed to give users greater overall speed and efficiency.

Also new to the OptiPlex line is the availability of Serial ATA disk drives, which offer faster data transfer rates than Parallel ATA drives and employ smaller cables, improving airflow within the chassis.

“These two new systems provide more balance between performance and being able to set more aggressive goals for reductions in power consumption,” said Tim Mattox, vice president of Client Product Marketing for Dell. “These two products offer stability, strong management features and outstanding price/performance for enterprise customers.

The GX270 and SX270 qualified for the ENERGY STAR designation due in large part to its support of S3 “sleep state,” which suspends a user’s session to RAM after a preset time and consumes less than 15 watts of power while activated. When these systems are S3-enabled, they can help customers reduce energy costs by up to $175 per system over 3 years when compared to the same systems operated in screen saver mode1. If all of Dell’s U.S. GX270 and SX270 customers operated in S3 mode for one year, enough energy could be saved to power an estimated 90,000 homes2.

These systems also include recyclable plastics and minimize or eliminate the use of many environmentally sensitive chemicals. Dell is driving adoption of flat panel displays that can result in over 50% power reduction compared to CRT monitors and reduce lead by about 98 percent. Dell offers end-of-life recycling services in many areas. For more information, visit www.dell.com/recycling.

Pricing and Availability

The OptiPlex GX270 starts at $5993 and includes an Intel Celeron® processor at 2.0 GHz, 128 MB non-ECC shared4 DDR-SDRAM, 40 GB 7200 rpm hard drive, integrated audio and Intel Extreme graphics, Microsoft® Windows® XP Home and a three-year next-business-day onsite5 service.

The OptiPlex SX270 starts at $5793 and includes an Intel Celeron processor at 2.0 GHz, 128 MB non-ECC shared4 DDR-SDRAM, 20 GB 5400 rpm hard drive, integrated audio and Intel Extreme graphics, Microsoft Windows XP Home and a three-year next-business-day onsite5 service.

New to the SX270 is an integrated DVI-I connector, owing largely to the popularity of flat panel displays with ultra-small desktops. DVI-I, a digital interface standard, is available on many flat panel displays to help improve image quality by providing a digital signal from the computer to the display. The SX270 will also be available with a new height-adjustable integrated 17″ Dell UltraSharpTM flat panel display solution.

OptiPlex desktops are designed for networked business environments, with long product lifecycles, standards-based technology and a full suite of user-friendly management tools, making them easy to deploy and maintain. Complete product details can be found at www.dell.com/optiplex. The OptiPlex product line is supported by Dell Services, which can help lower customers’ cost of computing from deployment to after-sale support. Complete information on Dell Services is available at www.dell.com/services.

Technical Features of the OptiPlex GX270 and SX270 include:

  • Intel® PentiumTM 4 (800 and 533 MHz FSB) or Intel® Celeron® processors (400MHz FSB)
  • Intel® PRO/10006 MT Network Connection
  • 3337and 400 MHz shared4 dual-channel DDR-SDRAM
  • Integrated Intel® Extreme graphics & 8X AGP Slot (GX270 only)
  • 865G Chipset with ICH5
  • 8 2.0 USB ports, 2 front & 6 rear (2 front & 4 rear on SX270)
  • Integrated ATA/100 with SMART II or Serial ATA hard drive (GX270 only)
  • Integrated AC ’97 Audio with F&R jacks
  • LegacySelect 2.0 & S3/4 Ready
  • Windows® XP and 2000
  • PCI Slots – 1 to 4 (None on SX270)
  • Three chassis options on GX270 (Small Form Factor, Small Desktop, Small Mini-Tower)
  • Ultra-Small Form Factor chassis on SX270