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DT Deals: Hire a cleaning lady for your Mac

Let’s face it: No one likes cleaning. And if you do, you’re probably one of those weird giddy, happy peeps who find peace in such a chore. Bleh. Sorry guys, but we’re gonna leave the cleaning up to this DT Deals. Today, we offer the CleanMyMac Double Pack; It comes with nine utilities to keep your computer running smoother than ever. Downloaded an app that you didn’t like? CleanMyMac will make sure you completely uninstall the app so no cookies or caches are left behind. Think you already deleted something just because you hit Empty Trash? Not sure. The Quick Erase function will ensure your files are deleted for good so you’ll cover up those tracks. Running out of storage space? The Cleaning Utilities also work together to help locate disposable files or international languages you don’t need to clear up room for the things you do want.

Today, you can download CleanMyMac for just $25 – that’s 50 percent off the retail value. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it. Have you ever heard of such a deal for a real cleaning lady? We didn’t think so.