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ECS Announces 17-Inch Portable Media Center

From ECS’ press release:

Elitegroup Computer systems today released the exciting new ECS G900, a premium media center entertainment notebook computer that combines the power of a PC with the fun of an entertainment center.

Designed as both a high-end home media center and for successful executives who demand the very best, the ECS G900 delivers ultimate power, ultimate widescreen display, ultimate AV capabilities and ultimate connectivity. It is yet another innovative ECS product that is driving the new PC era. This exciting notebook delivers all the power a busy, multitasking executive needs to blaze through work applications with grace and power plus a full-featured, yet compact, audiovisual entertainment center for mixing multimedia business and pleasure.

A media center for work or relaxation

Whether the G900’s owner is reviewing a news, multimedia ad campaign, taking a quick break to unwind from the work pressure or having friends over to view a new DVD movie, this personal entertainment computer is ready.

It comes with a choice of Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition or Elitegroup’s outstanding media center proprietary software package.

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition includes time shifting, watching favorite TV programs when and where the owner wants to. This Media Center Edition notebook does not stop with TV. It is a center for all digital entertainment including movie screening and music enjoyment as well as viewing, editing and augmenting photos or home videos.

The ECS software package is a combination of Windows XP software augmented by InterVideo WinCinema – including WinDVR for watching television, WinDVD for viewing movies and WinRIP for playing music. Together, they deliver all the power of Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition plus exclusive features not found in other media packages.

Regardless of the package selected, this powerhouse comes with an onboard television tuner. Just plug an antenna or cable TV wire into the G900’s coaxial connector for television viewing, time shift recording or directly burning favorite programs onto a DVD. A convenient Audio DJ interface is also designed for playing music from the optical drive without powering up the PC.

Power for productivity or pleasure

Powered by a muscular 800MHz front side bus Intel Presott Pentium 4 processor with Hyper-Threading technology running at speeds up to 3.2 GHz, the G900 delivers three times the bandwidth of the Pentium III processor. And it is ready to accommodate up to 1 GB of RAM.

Better yet, the G900 comes with the powerful ATi 9700 graphics accelerator with 128MB of onboard VRAM. That means ultimate performance for chip and memory-intensive applications-even digital video, 3D animations, photography and Internet gaming.

Big screen display for big picture thinkers

Seeing the big picture is a must for multitasking senior executives and digital entertainment fans. That is why the ECS G900 delivers the ultimate in big screen display.

Whether its owner is crunching numbers on a jumbo spreadsheet, delivering a make-or-break presentation to a demanding client or unwinding at home with a made-for-theaters DVD movie, the G900’s 17-inch wide LCD screen and ATi Mobility RADEON 9700 video/graphics board with a 128 MB DDR frame buffer delivers.

Ultimate connectivity

The G900 is ready to work smoothly with a complete range of external devices for added productivity and pleasure: Four conveniently located USB ports; a 6-in-one card reader for file sharing and photo uploads or a second HDD for RAID function to speed up data access or enhance data security; headphone and external microphone jacks; an optical SPDIF jack to for high quality audio output; LAN; modem; 1394; TV out; CRT; and cable TV input ports work together for the ultimate in connectivity. For the wireless office or home, a WiFi 802.11b/g option is available.

The ECS G900 is now available in selected markets.