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Falcon Northwest’s Tiki micro-tower supports high-end Core i7, Xeon CPUs

Falcon Northwest is a company that’s well known for building eye-catching gaming PCs, but it’s never made something quite like this before. The Tiki is a micro-tower design that at its thickest is just four inches wide. But that doesn’t stop it supporting some seriously high-end components, like i7 CPUs, up to 32GB of memory, and one of the world’s most monstrous GPUs, the Nvidia Titan-X.

Initially created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Falcon Northwest, the Tiki range has always been compact, yet high powered. This new generation, though, really blows everything that came before it out of the water.

Because it supports the Z97 and X99 chipsets, customers can choose from practically any CPU from the latest generation of Intel hardware, including high-end solutions like the i7-5690X Extreme Edition, or more industrial offerings like the Xeon E5-2699, which has a full 18 cores and an enormous 45MB of shared cache.

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To make sure that whatever chip you choose doesn’t overheat, the Tiki comes with a pre-built water-cooling loop, which should also help keep the system quiet even when you’re playing the most intense of games.



Storage capacity is customizable, all the way up to eight terabytes if you need it, with options for both mechanical, and solid state drives. In terms of connectivity, the Tiki comes with dual ethernet LAN ports, as well as eSATA connectors for high-speed data transfer — though of course there are plenty of USB 3.1 ports too.

Pricing for such a minute, yet powerful system is understandably not moderate. Basic Z-97 variants will cost upwards of $1,860, and the top-end solutions can easily close in on $10,000. In exchange for that coin, each Tiki system is custom built and painted, and provided with an aluminum or granite base for added stability.

For those that think such a compact system belongs in the living room, Falcon is way ahead of you. The new Tiki will also be available as a Steam Machine later this fall.