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Fuels Cells To Power Laptops In The Future

Fuel-cell technology, developed by NASA during the opening years of the space program, creates electricity from chemical reactions between fuels–such as hydrogen or methanol–and an oxidant. They’ve been touted as the power source for everything from future automobiles to in-home generators that take a house off the grid.

By 2012, said Atakan Ozbek, director of energy research at ABI Research, 10% to 15% of laptops sold worldwide will rely on micro fuel cells, not batteries, for their power. “Even though processor vendors like Intel and power management manufacturers such as Texas Instruments are giving us solutions and better chips for longer battery life,” said Ozbek, “device makers are continually adding functionality that means more energy is needed. That trend is never going to change.”

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In related news we found the following story: “Samsung Institute’s New Fuel Cell Can Output 20W, Run Notebook PC for 10 Hours”

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has developed a fuel cell that can run a notebook PC for 10 hours continuously, and disclosed part of the technological specifications at the symposium, “Small Fuel Cells 2004″ (SFC 2004),” held in Virginia from May 5-7, 2004.

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