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Fujitsu intros Centrino based P5000 laptop

Starting at $1,549¹, the new LifeBook® P5000 notebook bridges the gap between ultraportable and full-feature computing. At first glance, the notebook looks and feels like an ultraportable. However, this 3.4-pound notebook breaks all the norms. It is powered by an Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Pentium® M Processor 900MHz and features the Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connection 802.11b and Intel® 855GM chipset. The combination of technologies was designed specifically for mobile applications and works in concert to deliver superior performance, wireless capabilities and extended battery life.

To take it one step further, the LifeBook P5000 notebook is equipped with a modular bay that accommodates either a DVD/CD-RW drive, a second battery or a weight saver module. The optional combination drive, coupled with a 10.6-inch wide-format display, transforms the notebook into a full-fledged multimedia solution. While on the road, users can watch DVD movies and burn CDs or they can insert the optional second battery for up to 10.5 hours² of battery life. A weight saver also fits into the bay to shed around a half pound.

“From the beginning, Fujitsu has introduced mobile computing solutions that deliver superior performance in extremely small, lightweight form factors,” said Sara Nelson, vice president of marketing, Fujitsu PC Corporation. “The LifeBook P5000 notebook continues this tradition. Never before has any notebook offered so much power and functionality in such a small package.”

LifeBook P5000 Notebook

Processor: Intel® Pentium® M Processor 900MHz
Display: 10.6″wide-format WXGA TFT
Memory: DDR266; One DIMM slot, 512MB maximum
Hard Drive: Choice of 60GB or 40GB hard drive³
Media Bay DVD/CD-RW (optional), second bay battery (optional) or weight saver
Floppy Disk Drive: External USB (optional)
Communications: Ethernet, modem and Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connection 802.11b
PC Card Slots: One Type I/II
Media Slot: Compact Flash and MemoryStick / SecureDigital (SD) slot
Ports: Two USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 (4-pin), mini S-Video (adapter provided), mini-VGA (CRT adapter provided), modem (RJ-11), Ethernet (RJ-45), and headphone and microphone jacks
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional
Dimensions: 10.27″ (w) x 7.80″ (d) x 1.55″ (h)
Weight: 3.85 lbs with DVD/CD-RW drive; 3.4 lbs with weight saver

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