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GIGABYTE 5900XT Videocard Review

Quote from the review at Motherboards.org:

“The one great thing about this card is the included bundle of games and DVD player. Tomb Raider AOD, Arx Fatalis, Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield and Call of Duty make for a $150+ retail value, making the COO (Cost of Ownership) of this card very inexpensive when compared to other cards in this class. I love it when a manufacturer includes games that I actually would play (Arx Fatalis and Call of Duty) and that look great on the card in question. This is the first video card that I have awarded an Editor’s Choice award on Motherboards.org. The card was fast in every benchmark and application that I threw at it including the DirectX 9.0 benchmarks and games I’ve tried.”

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