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Google wants to beautify your OnHub router with three new cases

Google is on a mission to change the way we think about the humble router. Earlier this year the company launched the OnHub, a device intended to remove much of the messy wiring and bothersome blinking lights typically associated with an active Internet connection. Now it’s getting a (optional) facelift.

The company has unveiled three shells for the OnHub which are intended to be placed over the device to give it some added visual appeal. One variant boasts a faux-wood look, while the other two bear a clean two-tone plastic design in white and black, respectively.

The shells remove any trace of technological intent from the typical router aesthetic, looking more like a vase or some other inoffensive home furnishing. However, these aren’t the only re-imaginings of the OnHub that Google is sharing with the world today — and the others are a little more out-there.

The company is also encouraging users to become involved and customize the router to their liking. To get the ball rolling, Google has commissioned artists working with glass, paper, fur, and other materials to crate their own take on the device. Google has named this the OnHub Makers Project.

While these artists have been given the task of starting the project off, it now falls to creative individuals to continue the campaign. Google has made a Maker Packer available for free, which contains  3D files and 2D patterns that will help users create their own unique sheath to hide away an OnHub device.

Of course, the company is also catering to OnHub owners that would rather spend a bit of cash, rather than flex their creative muscles. The three official shell designs will be made available via the Play Store later today, with prices varying between $29 and $39.