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Google Chrome Emerges From Beta

By any standards, three months is a pretty short time for something to be in beta before a full release. But a full release is exactly what Google is doing with its bright shiny Chrome browser, which just hit beta in September.

According to TechCrunch, Google VP Marissa Mayer announced the surprise move in an interview at Le Web 08.

So why is it happening so quickly, especially since Google doesn’t normally rush things out of beta – Gmail is still there four years after its first release. TechCrunch speculates that a number of OEMs want Chrome, and they can’t have it until it’s in full release. It’s likely to be bundled with Google Toolbar and Google Apps, and will probably be appearing pre-installed on a computer near you soon.

It’s also a daring move, since the browser isn’t yet available for Macs, and also because Chrome has experienced a number of bugs. Perhaps the company is hoping that the full roll out will bring its browser market share up from the 1% it currently has.