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Google fishes for sales geeks to build Groupon clone

google places recruitmentSince it was unable to scoop up Groupon (and we all know how hard it tried), Google will be creating its own local deals site. Offers will operate off the LivingSocial and Groupon formula by partnering with retailers in your area to bring coupons for everything from half price ski trips to discounted dinners. And Google is wasting no time getting started.

We got our hands on a recruitment letter revealing Google is seeking an “outreach specialist” for Google Places in the Portland, Oregon area. Only a week after offering limited details about the service, the ball is rolling. Sure, not mention of Offers in here, but it seems obvious that Google would want an on site employee working with local businesses for that very purpose. The letter says the position will be responsible for collaborating with local vendors and “training them about Google’s offerings and [enhancing] their online presence.”

It’s supposed to be a massive hiring year for Google. According to Bloomberg, Google will bring on more than 6,000 new faces this year in an attempt to fend off competitors in the Silicon Valley recruitment wars, making 2011 a record-breaking hiring year for the company.

While Groupon doesn’t offer a specific listing of its staff positions, its site claims it has employees throughout the country, and its blog says offices exist “on flying platforms where deals are spun from cloud matter” – which sounds like Groupon lingo for “works remotely.” And a quick look at LinkedIn shows that there are jobs working on “affiliate development,” seemingly similar to “outreach specialist.”

If Google is taking heed of Groupon’s method working within communities, more power to it. Groupon is clearly a successful operation, and Google has been trying to increase its local appeal with Places and Hotpot. Offers is the logical next step, and one you could be seeing in your inbox relatively soon.