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Google to Offer Sites Ad-Supported MTV Vids

Google and Viacom, owner of MTV Networks, have announced a new test program which will enable selected Web publishers to put advertising-supported video content from MTV Networks on their sites. The program ties in directly with Google AdSense network (which already handles test and image advertising), and is slated to fire up later this month. The goal: expose MTV Network’s programming to more viewers, create new video-based online advertising mechanisms for Google, and (but of course!) provide consumers “new ways to experience content.” (Although, “new ways to make sure consumers can’t avoid content” might be more accurate.)

“Collaborating with Google gives us a terrific opportunity to take our content and distribute it even more widely on the web in a seamless and targeted way,” said Tom Freston, President and CEO, Viacom. “This deal fits in perfectly with our strategy to deliver the best content to our audiences—wherever they are. We’re very happy to be working with Google, a true innovator in content distribution.”

MTV programming currently targeted for the collaboration includes clips from MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real OC, the MTV Video Music Awards, and Nickelodeon’s Spongeob SquarePants.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with great content providers like MTV Networks to explore additional forms of distribution for online video,” said David Eun, Google’s vice president of content partnerships. “MTV Networks offers a perfect blend of content that is interesting, exciting and relevant to web publishers, advertisers and users alike. We look forward to the results of this relationship, and the impact it will have on these audiences.”

MTV Networks also announced it’s offering MTV programming for sale via download Google Video, priced at $1.99 per episode. Shows include MTV’s Beavis & Butthead,Laguna Beach,Gauntlet 2,My Super Sweet Sixteen,Jackass,WonderShowzen, and Punked. Also available: Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender,SpongeBob SquarePants,The Fairly OddParents,Zoey 101, and Dora the Explorer. In addition, downloadable shows from The N include Beyond the Break,South of Nowhere, and O’Grady.