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Just say no: How to block a website

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Blocking methods:

Using your router settings

Blocking all users, at all times, on all browsers can be a little much. Fortunately, your router doesn’t require any external software and is another fantastic tool that will grant you greater control over the blocking process. Although we cannot guarantee your router is capable of blocking specified websites, most routers are equipped with some sort of parental controls for restricting website access completely, during certain days of the week, or even during defined hours.

Number OneBegin by opening your router’s Web interface. Most routers can be accessed by entering “” in your browser’s address bar and typing in a username and password. The defaults do vary from router to router so be sure to check the instructional manual included with your router for the default IP address, username, and password. If unavailable, try looking up the router’s defaults at routerpasswords.com, or cirt.net.

Number TwoNext, navigate to the router security panel or tab that features the blocking controls. The security options are typical housed under something like “Access Restrictions” or “Content Filtering.”

Number ThreeOnce you’ve located the correct location, enter in the websites you wish to block and any other content restrictions you want to put in place. Save and apply the new settings when finished.

Did you have any trouble blocking websites using our outlined methods? Do you have a better solution for restricting access to certain sites? Let us know in the comments below.

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