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Dead pixel have you down? These tricks might revive it

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Fix using JScreenFix (web-based, iOS)

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JScreenFix is a web app that’s very similar to PixelHealer, except that you don’t need to download anything to use it. That makes it suitable for a wide variety of platforms, and it’s notably the best solution for iOS and Mac devices at the moment.

In practice, the steps are basically the same as PixelHealer. Launch the web app, drag the window over the damaged pixel, and run the app for a half hour. JScreenFix claims that most stuck pixels can be repaired in under 10 minutes, though, so you shouldn’t worry too much if you’re the impatient type. Try using it a couple times if the first run wasn’t successful.

Keep in mind that this method uses both HTLM5 and JavaScript, and may work with LCD or OLED screens. JScreenFix reports a success rate of greater than 60 percent when it comes to restoring stuck pixels, which sound like good odds when the alternative is paying for a new display.

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