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Is your Chromebook ill? A simple reset can fix its woes

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Chromebooks are tricky things. They’re built from the ground up to be portable, fast, and dead-simple to use. For the most part, they succeed, but like any computer, sometimes things go wrong.

When your PC goes haywire and you need to start over, it’s a huge pain. You need to reformat hard disks, reinstall operating systems, and perform all sorts of laborious setup tasks. Luckily, it’s a bit easier to clean house with a Chromebook. There are a number of options available, which allow you to quickly reset your settings or perform a thorough “powerwash” that will scour your Chromebook for any problematic or malicious software, while leaving little behind in its wake. Let’s get started!

Reset Settings to remove customization

This option for resetting your Chromebook will remove any customization you’ve made to your device — background image, display resolution, homepage, themes, et cetera — and disable any extensions you’ve installed. It’s a good option if you’re sure you want to continue using your Chromebook with your Google account, but want to remove some of the clutter or try to fix a nagging problem.

chromebook settings menu reset
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Begin by opening the Settings menu. Click the clock area, then click Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click Show advanced settings, then scroll down again. Click the button marked Reset settings at the bottom of the page.

chromebook reset settings
Michael Crider/Digital Trends

Read the warning in the pop-up menu. If you’re ready, click Reset. Your Chromebook (and any Chrome desktop browsers connected to your Google account) will be reset to the default settings. It will still be running the latest version of Chrome OS.

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