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Here’s how to use Windows Hello, the best security feature you’re not using

Windows 10 includes a feature called Windows Hello, which allows you to sign in using bio-metric data like fingerprints or facial recognition. Bio-metric logins are secure, fast, and easy to create, so there aren’t many downsides. If you’ve got the right bio-metric scanners, we’ll show you how to set up Windows Hello in record time.

Hardware required for Windows Hello


Like other bio-metric security, Hello requires a certain devices to work. These devices are typically baked in, so you don’t need to buy an extra accessory – although you do need a compatible computer. Currently, the products on the market with Hello technology include:

If you are wondering, “Can I just use a third-party or accessory scanner on an older computer?” the answer is “Not a good idea.” Those bio-metric accessories are not guaranteed to work with Windows Hello, and have a track record of being incompatible. Windows Hello probably won’t let you set up the feature at all.

We should also mention that Hello will be more ambitious in the future. Currently, Hello is focused primarily on fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and in some cases, iris recognition. But Microsoft has made it clear that its future plans for Hello include more advanced biometrics and “devices that can recognize your face and iris.” It’s only a matter of time before your security options increase.

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