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How to use iCloud like a pro on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC

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Deleting iCloud backups

If you haven’t figured it out already, iCloud is a terrific and autonomous way of syncing and storing data from all your connected iOS devices. Unfortunately, the provided 5GB of storage only goes so far when you’re constantly backing up an iPhone, iPad and iPod using the same iCloud account. Luckily, select backups can always be manually deleted directly on your iOS device to free up storage when they become extremely outdated or in the event you no longer posses the device to which the backup belongs.

Step 1: Navigate to backup —  Tap Settings > iCloud > Storage, then tap Manage Storage.

Step 2: Delete the backup — Select the backup you wish to delete and tap the red Delete Backup option at the bottom of the resulting menu. Each backup will show its relative size and the specific date when it was initially uploaded, so you shouldn’t have much trouble distinguishing between the various backups. However, you’ll typically want to keep the most recent backup.

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