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HP Shoots for Style With New Desktops

HP Shoots for Style With New Desktops

There was a time when a 25-pound CRT monitor and a grey case full of whirring fans were just fine for a home computer. But as PCs creep out of the office into personal spaces like living rooms and bedrooms, style is becoming more of an issue for buyers.

Hewlett-Packard is playing to the trend with its latest line of Pavilion desktops. The s3000 Slimline PC, a6000 desktop PC, and m8000 media center PC are HP’s attempt to put some class into their machines.

“Consumers today are demanding higher standards of digital entertainment experiences that enhance the very personal environments of their home,” said Satjiv S. Chahil, senior vice president of global marketing at HP, in a release.

All three PCS come trimmed in black and silver with blue LED accent lights. Commonly used features like the power button and media card reader are placed on the top and front of the cases, respectively. The systems are also petite; the Slimline’s case is just one third the size of a regular PC case, while the other models are housed in compact towers.

Pricing on the new desktops ranges from $299 up to $849, with no monitors included.