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Inception, Harry Potter come to Facebook in expanded Warner Bros partnership

Joseph Gordon Levitt in InceptionEarlier this month, Warner Bros. and Facebook entered into a deal that brought the movie studio’s Christopher Nolan-directed hit, The Dark Knight to the social network as a streaming rental. The move was apparently successful enough to encourage the two companies to expand the partnership, as a new press release reveals that another five movies from the studio have been added as Facebook streaming rentals.

The newly added movies are: Inception, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Life As We Know It and Yogi Bear. Only Inception seems to be up right now, though all five were set to launch last night.

Rentals cost 40 Facebook points, which amounts to $4. Rented movies are available for a 48 hour period, and users are able to make use of Facebook social features like chat and comments as they watch. It’s pretty simple, though Facebook rentals continue to be a tough sell because of the larger selection and subscription-based pricing available through services like Netflix and its Watch Instantly streaming. That said, Harry Potter and Inception both have massive followings on the Internet, and Warner Bros. made a good choice in including them.