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Intel’s Centrino six months from 802.11a/b

This is according to a report from WR Hambrecht and Co. LLC. An analyst from the financial services company concludes that this gives wireless LAN chipset vendors a window of opportunity to outflank Intel with notebook computer makers.

One week ago financial services firm WR Hambrecht said the high monetary premium Intel was trying to charge for the chips within the Centrino platform would slow Intel’s WLAN penetration.

This week the San Francisco-based company has said that discussions conducted at the CTIA wireless exhibition in New Orleans have revealed that Centrino will only be able to support the slower IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN standard for many months to come.

IEEE 802.11a operates on a 2.4-GHz carrier frequency and supports a transmission rate of 11-Mbit/s, whereas IEEE 802.11a operates on a carrier frequency of 5-GHz and supports transmission rates of up to 54-Mbit/s. Payload data rates are lower than these ‘raw transmission’ rates.