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Is A Virus-Free Future A Possibilty?

ECT: What would it take to catch more malware writers?

Hypponen: Global Internet police that would have the expertise and the jurisdiction needed to go after the virus writers, hackers and spammers that are rerouting their attacks through dozens of countries, including far-away places that have little or no legalization or authorities to track down crimes like these.

ECT: Do you think a “superworm” capable of spreading worldwide and wreaking major havoc is likely to arise?

Hypponen: Oh, yes. In fact, the Witty worm found [in late March] wasn’t that far away from something like that. We got lucky because it only affected a minority of the world’s computers, those running BlackIce firewall . If a worm like that had been exploiting a really common vulnerability, such as ASN.1, it would have happened already.

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