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Kensington Slings out SlimBlade Collection

Kensington Slings out SlimBlade Collection

Apparently the obsession with sharp that started with the Motorola Razr and made its way into similar products like the Sanyo Katana and Samsung Blade is moving past the phone phase. Kensington unveiled a line of thin mobile peripherals targeted at the mobile executive on Monday, appropriated dubbed the SlimBlade Lifestyle Collection.

Among the new products are a media mouse, presenter mouse, trackball mouse, media remote and keyboard-mouse combo. Everything in the SlimBlade line looks a bit like ordinary peripherals that have been stepped on by an elephant and squashed down, with sleek, conservative finishes to help distinguish them. Kensington claims the new mice are 25 to 35 percent thinner than the conventional mouse for ease of packing on the road.

The Slimblade Presenter Mouse has a basic laser sensor and four-way tilt scroll for $49.99. Stepping up to the SlimBlade Media mouse gets you 360-degree scroll ball and navigation pad for media controller features like volume and track control, for $59.99. The SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse puts all of these features into a package that resembles the ordinary Presenter, and adds a built-in laser pointer and multifunction navigation pad, for $79.99. The unusual SlimBlade Trackball mouse retails for $99.99 and can function either as a mouse or a trackball with the push of a button. Finally, Kensington’s SlimBlade Media Notebook Set has a keyboard that can be rearranged to put the keypad on either side, and added onto with an optional media remote. The basic three-piece package runs for $129.99 while the remote goes for another $19.99.

All the products in the SlimBlade Lifestyle Collection are currently available from Kensington’s Web site.