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LL Cool J demos and discusses new Boomdizzle music recording platform with partner Dolby

Today at CES rap artist and actor LL Cool J debuted his new music recording platform called Boomdizzle, which aims to make collaboration between musicians easier than ever before. We were able to attend a private press conference with him at the Dolby booth where he explained his vision behind the upcoming platform and demoed a track that had been recorded earlier in the day using the software.

Founded by LL Cool J, Boomdizzle is a platform that functions as a virtual recording studio, allowing multiple artists and collaborators to record, edit, and produce music in real time. It’s not uncommon for popular artists to email back and forth pieces of songs or ideas, but this patented new platform eliminates the hassle and puts it all into real time, including a video chatting component so that artists can see and talk to who they are working with. “I think that that basically revolutionizes the world of music,” said Cool J, who himself has struggled with the process of collaborating via email. Boomdizzle will be completely web-based and available on any platform.

During the press conference, LL Cool J emphasized the idea of accessibility when it comes to recording music. Not everyone has access to a recording studio or even equipment, but something like Boomdizzle can open up opportunities for non-professionals and make it easier to act creatively without economic barriers like buying recording time or flying across the country to work with a sound engineer or producer. “You don’t have to be a professional,” said Cool J. “If I were just starting out, I’d grow vampire teeth to sink my teeth into this technology,” he said with a chuckle. The idea is to democratize the process of recording songs and make it easier for collaborators, whether they are professional musicians or not.

While Cool J didn’t write any of the code, he was instrumental in turning the concept into a reality. “It’s my baby,” he said. The user interface aims to be simple enough for anyone to use, and LL Cool J said that when the software goes public, he will keep at least part of it completely free. We expect there to also be a pay-as-you-go feature and a subscription service as well for avid users.

Earlier in the day and with the help of partner Dolby, LL Cool J did the first live demo of Boomdizzle and recorded live vocals to a song in collaboration with his sound engineer Glen Marchese, who was participating from New York. We got to hear the playback of the song while Cool J talked to fans about the project. Check out the song and what Cool J had to say in the video below.