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Logitech Fires Up G110 Custom Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G110

For gamers would rather keep their eyes on the enemy than their keyboards, Logitech’s screen-equipped G19 and G15 can seem a little excessive. And starting at $100, a little spendy. Perhaps with that in mind, Logitech has turned back the gimmick dial just a notch for its latest creation: the G110. The screen-less and more affordable G110 strips the concept of a gaming keyboard back to just what a Mountain-Dew sipping World of Warcraft player needs: extra buttons and macros.

Oh, and of course, copious backlighting. (Will the FTC even let manufacturers call something a “gaming” product without more than one color of LED?) Like all of Logitech’s gaming keyboards, the G110 includes backlit keys, which will light up in blue, red, and several shades of purple in between. Unfortunately, you can’t pick colors on a per-key basis, so there goes all hope of color coding your WASD keys in blue, or the flamethrower in red.

Logitech G110

A strip of 12 “G-keys” to the left of all the typical keyboard functions can be used as gaming-specific hotkeys, or programmed to perform on-command macros. For instance, Counter-Strike players might make one switch to the AWP and instantly going into zoom mode for on-demand sniping. It also has the play, pause and volume commands of a multimedia keyboard, and a special game-mode that disables the Windows keys to prevent gamers from accidentally bouncing back to the desktop right before a frag.

Logitech G110

The G110 will act as a USB hub for connecting additional USB accessories, and also offers headphone and microphone jacks due to its USB audio support.

Logitech’s G110 is on sale now for $80, a $20 step down from the monochrome-screen G15 and $120 less than the top-of-the-line color-screen G19.