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MacBook Airs Go Solar with the Apple Juicz

MacBook Airs Go Solar with the Apple Juicz

Even if you love the idea of Apple’s MacBook Air super-thin notebook computers, you’ve probably noticed their built-in batteries aren’t removable or swappable, which makes it nigh impossible to swap in another battery when you’re on the road, out in the wild, or just need a little more juice.

If you’re the outdoorsy type—and don’t live in cloud-shrouded Seattle—peripheral and accessories maker QuickerTek may have a solution for you in the form of the Apple Juicz MacBook Air Solar Charger. Available in three sizes—30-, 41.5, and 60-inches, outputting 19, 29, and 58 Watts, respectively—the Apple Juicz provides enough power to eke six to ten hours of additional battery life on a MacBook Air…assuming, of course, you have access to direct sunlight. It also assumes you have access to spare change, since the units run from $500 to $1,000 apiece. But for folks buying Macbook Airs, money may not be much of an obstacle.

The solar panels fold into more-portable bundles when not in use. However, in order to drive a MacBook Air—or any MacBook—they need one of Apple’s MagSafe power adapters: QuickerTek can either modify a customer’s existing MagSafe adapter for $25, or sell customers a pre-modified adapter for $100. Runing a notebook off a solar panel might not be everyone’s idea of “portable,” but if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, you’re more likely to find sunshine than a compatible power outlet. And power doesn’t get much more eco-friendly than a solar cell.

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