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Manufacturers Push DDR2 Technology

Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2) SDRAM is launching, now running at 400 MHz with 533 MHz designs waiting in the wings. Chipsets with the technology are scheduled to hit the markets in the next couple of weeks or months depending on the launch plans of vendors like IBM, Dell, or HP.

“This is just the start just like any transition it will take a while before all chips and chipsets are validated and each platform will have to decide what are the needs,” Stephen Leveque, IBM Program director xSeries Architecture and Design, said during a webcast sponsored by the Memory Implementers Forum titled “DDR2: The Ultimate Memory Solution. Leveque said that IBM is planning on a heavy DDR2 rollout starting with its xSeries servers. The memory technology is also designed for desktops, workstations and mobile form factors.

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