Microsoft Not Worried By Vista SP1 Issues

Microsoft Not Worried By Vista SP1 IssuesMicrosoft will be releasing the long-awaited Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) later this month. We know this.   We also know that SP1 has seriouscompatibility issues with some third-party programs. But, according to ZDNet, the software giant isn’t too worried by the issue.   Kevin Turner,Microsoft’s third-highest exec, told the news site,   "We’ve had several million downloads of SP1. We’re very excited about it. It still hasn’t been officially released, but we’reexcited about it."   SP1 is currently available to those who subscribe to the Microsoft Developer Network.   In addition to the list of programs that won’t work with a service-packed Vista, there have been reports that some users claim that adding the update has affected thefunctionality of their computers.

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