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Microsoft offering 2,000 Bing Rewards points on Surface 3 preorders

It’s almost time for Microsoft’s more affordable Surface 3 to hit the market, and in an attempt to attract more buyers to its new hybrid device Microsoft is offering an additional incentive for Bing Rewards members to the tune of 2,000 points for preorders. Those interested in taking advantage of this deal should head to Microsoft’s preorder page by May 4.

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An important thing to note about this deal is that it’s for preorders only, so if one were to run out on the Surface 3 release day (May 5), they wouldn’t get the points. Still, for users who know that the $499 Surface 3 is the device for them, it’s not a bad deal.

But just how much is one actually getting with 2,000 points? Just slightly over $20, as a $5 gift card through Bing Rewards costs 475 points. While this likely isn’t enough to sell anyone who didn’t already want a Surface 3 on getting one, for those who already intended to preorder, a little extra money to put towards accessories for their new device, or anything else, is always good.

The Surface 3, for those unfamiliar, is similar to the Surface Pro 3, but with a smaller, lower resolution screen, slightly lower specs, and a less versatile kickstand. These downgrades also bring it to a lower price point, which could potentially attract new buyers to Microsoft’s hybrid.

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As for actual specs, the $499 base model comes with 64GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, a 10.8 inch 1080p screen, and a quad-core Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor that Microsoft promises will have 80 percent of the performance of the Surface Pro 3 with a Core i3.

This Bing Rewards deal is only available through May 4, so buyers looking to cash in on some extra reward money will need to act relatively quickly.